My Take: Agile Comes to You (Minneapolis Seminar)

>I was at the Agile Comes to You conference on Oct 19th 2010. It was a good place to learn about agile if you have not heard about it yet. A place to learn more if you are just learning about agile or are in the initial stages of implementing agile. Its also a good place for people who are already into agile and just want tips and tricks. The session was from 9 am to about 2:30 pm and included breakfast and lunch.

The keynote speaker David Hussman from DevJam was really good. His dude’s law on value/how/why was simple thinking. He could as well call it common sense law or people’s law and really it applies to IT or software development in general. You don’t have to be agile to follow it. He focused on test driven development and talked about how agile and test driven development go hand in hand. His theory on simple-complicated-complex was really interesting. If you do get a chance to listen to him, please do so. You can find more about him at DevJam.

Michael Johnson from Make Music Inc spoke about how his company adopted agile successfully. He talked about how not everyone was into agile but once they saw the value it was easy to get them all to be as excited as others.

James Talbott from AccuRev talked about Agile Workflow Economic Management – his focus was on what is the outcome instead of the how or efficiency. His analogy using football was really good – end of the day its the score not the yardage that counts. So true.

Jeffrey Fredrick from AnthillPro talked about The Co-Evolution of Continuous Integration and Agile. His checklist manifesto was really interesting. He talked about having simple processes in complex environments. He talked about how people matter more than anything.

There were product demos in the end. It was nice to see some tools that support Agile: Rally, AccuRev and AnthillPro.

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