My Take: Test Manager (TFS Visual Studio 2010)

I was at the Microsoft Event – The Full Testing Experience – Quality Assurance with Visual Studio 2010. I am pretty excited about this tool and the demo I saw. There are some cool features that I wouldn’t mind using to test my application. The one thing that was preventing me from using this tool so long (even though I have access to it) was that the test manager piece didn’t support silver light 4 and our application was on that technology.
The latest update for Test Manager now has this support. So yes I am looking forward to using this to test.

Some pieces that I am really excited about

  1. Manual test cases – video recording. Really if I can have a witness to all my testing I would not have to waste my time battling, answering, writing clearer notes, etc. I would have it all in my recordings.
  2. Fast forwarding – I can fast forward my test cases. Super cool.
  3. Lab Management – If I can get the same test environment that takes 6-8 weeks to build in hours, I would be testing so much more than fighting paper work to get the lab machines.
  4. Use manual test cases to create automated test cases – really that just makes my life a lot easier. Automation and manual testing wont be in two different tool/technology. They will be based of each other.
  5. Dashboard – Requirements, test cases, execution, defects – when everything is in the same system, my metrics would mean so much more real time. I wont have to massage my data to co relate the different elements together.

I will be playing with this tool for the next several months. I will add more information as I learn more. But this is one technology I am excited about.

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2 Responses to My Take: Test Manager (TFS Visual Studio 2010)

  1. SheyMouse says:

    >I had training on VS2010 last week. I can only echo every point you mention. I particularly liked the manual-automation feature, as well as the full environment backup for sending to dev. The latter we won't be using, but the former I started using straight away. The only downside for me us the clunky UI of Test Mgr. Hopefully that will get sicker over time.

  2. shilpa says:

    >Thank you sheyMouse and I am hoping too that with time it will look and get better.

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