My Take: HPQC 11/ALM 11

Recently I had a chance to attend seminars for TFS Test Manager and HP Quality Center 11. Its interesting to see that HPQC is jumping into the bandwagon of having complete software development life cycle in one tool. They were known for test and defect management only. They biggest threat is TFS Test Manager which includes project, requirements, builds, test environment management and test management all in one tool.

With QC 11/ALM 11 HP is trying to catch up to competition. So from just managing testing pieces, they are moving into application life cycle management. This is what HPQC users have been asking them to do for a longtime.

As a tester I am excited about

  1. Record and play back – yes in QC you will finally be able to record what testing real time.
  2. Dashboard that will show scope of a release, requirements , test cases and defects associated with each release. We had to run reports outside of QC to gather this information.
  3. Rich text editor – which will save a lot of time for us testers who add notes outside QC and then attach them here.
  4. Test case re-usability – We can reuse test cases for various configurations and assign it to multiple builds and environments.
  5. Exploratory testing and mirror testing – we can now create test scripts from recording our exploratory test cases. You can testing multiple test environments at the same time using mirror test cases.
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