Updates and TFS WIT

My projects at work have been keeping me away from blogging. This project that I was helping with during the month of Jan is finally wrapped up and I have caught up with my other project work that were on the back burner.

The thing that I am most excited about right now is the implementation and roll out of TFS Visual Studio Work Item Tracking (WIT). Yes we are going to pilot our new tracking system. Our goal with TFS is that it will eventually be a one stop show for all our software development activities (code, builds, work items, requirements, test cases).
Right now we are only moving our work item tracking (defects and change requests) to this system. We already have our code in TFS. Eventually we will be using it for requirements and test management. We are not there yet but moving WIT is like being one step closer. 

This project is special to me because this has a lot of “firsts” for me. My first project

  1. I am leading the documentation process. I have a great team who is helping me put all the pieces together.
  2. We are doing a pilot for a process roll out. I will get a chance to learn pilot project processes including but not limited to gathering feedback, training and supporting users, gathering metrics, etc.
  3. I will be training teams outside of our core business unit. Its a great opportunity for me to learn about our other business units and their current/future processes.

I cant wait for the first pilot project to kick off. I will be back with more on pilot project implementation and process.

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