Strengths and You

We spend a lot of time focusing on things we are weak at. Growing up I was weak in biology and I got extra help for it. Later in school I didn’t like finance and spent all my time cramming for those tests. I never spent time on things I was good at.

Thinking back if I had spent half the time of my stregths I would have shown atleast two times the result I did on things I was not so good at. I am not saying we should stop focusing on things we are not so good at but lets at least give the same time and effort to things we are good at.

How do we find our strengths and how to maximize on them?

There are several tests out there in the market that can help you find your strengths. My favorite way to do this is to observe. For a week or two I write down activities I do. I then highlight the ones that really made my day exciting, fun and fulfilling. I then try to see what in those activities really made me going.

For example I am an idea person and love activities where we sit down and brainstorm for ideas. I also love strategic planning where I can look at the big picture and fill in the details.

Same way you can spend time writing things you do and identifying what in those activities are really driving you. Do you like when you are left alone on projects where you can create something on your own or do you like it when you can spend time with customers troubleshooting and helping them setup their products? Then based on this information you can identify your strengths.

What to do Once I have identified my strengths?

Use them. Talk to your manager and see if you can work on projects where you can use your strengths. If you cant use your strengths all the time then find small projects that you can do on the side to keep up your enthusiasm.

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