Fun @ work

Recently I have been complaining to my colleague that we don’t have enough fun at work. There are several reasons for this

  1. Too many releases – There are lots of regulation changes happening and we have been trying to keep up and that means more releases, hot-fixes and changes being delivered to the customer.
  2. Too many projects – each of the team members are being stretched across multiple projects. No matter how we look at it there is never enough time to focus on any one project or task. The stress level is higher with having to deliver on all projects.
  3. Too many changes within the organization – We are moving to agile. Yes this is a big cultural change for team members. We are also looking at moving to new defect tracking and test management tools. Team Server Foundation being one of them.
  4. Summer is here – With Summer comes more activities outside work and hence more people are out of the office. In the past this was taken into account when  planning deliverable. Not anymore.  Goes back to my point 1 where we have too much going on.

Well the list is endless but these are my top complaints against why we don’t have as much fun at work these days as we used to. Anyways when talking we got into the discussion of how come we can’t do something to make work more fun instead of expecting someone else to come and make it fun.

Here are some ideas

  •  Do happy hours with colleagues. Gives you time to relax and chill and not talk about work. Yes I know this is common but sometimes we have to add it back to our to-dos or we forget that we haven’t done this in a long time.
  • Do a team activity with colleagues. Go to a movie. I know we think why do this when I can do it with family or friends. Sharing experiences outside work help relieve tension and stress.
  • Lunch clubs – you can go out as a group, cater or even do a bring your own lunch lets chat type. Really the goal is to relax and talk.
  • Set time in calendars to go grab a coffee. This will help break routine.
  • Start the meeting 5 minutes late or end it 5 minutes early for teams to get some time with each other. This could be time to chat and catch up.

With these in mind I am going to try to bring some fun back to work.

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