Tester’s Musings: Light At the End of the Tunnel

A lot of times we are caught in the constant struggle of just keeping up with things. There is a lot going on and its harder to feel like there is anything positive going on with work or personal things. I am currently in this state of feeling frustrated and not accomplishing things. I am working on a number of projects: some for my products and some for my department and some just personal goals.

For reasons that are out of my control I feel like I am working and working but things are not getting done. My to do list is growing and I am not able to accomplish anything. I am in a bike going 100 miles per hour but I am not getting anywhere since the bike is static.

To try to get out of this feeling I have been trying to break things down in my mind to show progress and to get the feeling that I have accomplished something.

To do this

  1. I had to break things down. Break it into parts and pieces that I knew for sure I could complete. Almost like a backlog for things I need to get done.
  2. I then added dependencies on these. What tasks can I complete on my own and tasks that I have no control over or tasks that I need input from others.
  3. I then started identifying items that I can spend a few hours on and have a quick win. This is to boost my own ego. I need some wins to tackle the longer projects.
  4. I also added items that are fun so that I am not bogged down and burnt out.
  5. I talked to other team members whom I was dependent on and told them about my frustrations. It helped. They were able to give me what I want or give me alternatives so I could proceed.
  6. I took time outs or break to do nothing. Stressing over how much I have to do was an impediment and I couldn’t focus.
I feel so much better. This past month has made me look at work differently. I may not be getting as much done as I wanted to but I am making progress and that is a good sign. 
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