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Two years later

I know I know I have been out of the blogging world way too long. Hoping to start this regularly. Lots have changed. Moving back to India and starting a new job here has been interesting. Managing a team, working … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

Sometime you need New Beginnings and for almost a year I was looking for one. I was doing a lot of things at work and outside of work but I still felt something was missing. This year I started a … Continue reading

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That’s Two Things #1 – Google+

I got an email from my brother early last week who usually is a phone or instant messenger kinda guy. So I was curious to see what he sent me. And there I saw for the first time – Google+. Curiosity made … Continue reading

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Tester’s Musings: Light At the End of the Tunnel

A lot of times we are caught in the constant struggle of just keeping up with things. There is a lot going on and its harder to feel like there is anything positive going on with work or personal things. … Continue reading

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The IT Files – Matt Heusser

A name that you can always see in Software Test Pro site. A name that you can see busily helping/replying/mentoring on twitter. A name that never is shy to say what he thinks. A name: Matt Heusser. A consulting software … Continue reading

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ITKE – The IT Files – Pradeep Soundarajan

Read the complete interview at Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5  

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ITKE – The IT Files – Blindu Eusebiu

Read full interview at Part 1 Part 2  

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Waste and Non Value Add in Software Development

In my series Customer Value Add I went over the list of wastes as identified in lean six sigma. I would now like to connect this to software development and identify where there can be best and how it can … Continue reading

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Fun @ work

Recently I have been complaining to my colleague that we don’t have enough fun at work. There are several reasons for this Too many releases – There are lots of regulation changes happening and we have been trying to keep up and that means more releases, hot-fixes and … Continue reading

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CVA or NVA – Employees Under Utilized – 8

The final one in non-value add category is Employees under utilized. This is when the knowledge and creativity of an employee is not fully used. This happens more than we think it does. Due to lack of cross-training and cross-utilization … Continue reading

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