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Fun @ work

Recently I have been complaining to my colleague that we don’t have enough fun at work. There are several reasons for this Too many releases – There are lots of regulation changes happening and we have been trying to keep up and that means more releases, hot-fixes and … Continue reading

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The IT Files – Ajay Balamurugadas – Part I and II

I had a chance to talk to Ajay and here is the complete interview. Part I Part II

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Friday’s Musings – Heads up you guys: sending bugs your way

> As a tester, when we find bugs we are trained to log them. There are industry standards out there on how to write a good bug and what details need to be included. What we forget after we log a … Continue reading

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2 Things To Make Test Leading Job Easy

>As test leads we have several responsibilities between testing, manging project, testing, test planning, etc. You can do these two things daily to make your life more manageable and easier. Keep a Test Journal Clean your data everyday  Read more at

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Book Review: The Buck Stops with You! – John Graci

When Leaders Lead, Employees Become Motivated Read this book over the weekend. This book has a lot of common sense strategies to help managers motivate their employees. John Graci talks about how managers can really make their employee feel good … Continue reading

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Fan – Marcus Buckingham

Yes I love the term Facebook uses. I mean really Fan I cannot find a better word for it. So here goes this section is for people, places, things that have inspired me over the years. And I am starting this … Continue reading

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