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Tester’s Musings: Light At the End of the Tunnel

A lot of times we are caught in the constant struggle of just keeping up with things. There is a lot going on and its harder to feel like there is anything positive going on with work or personal things. … Continue reading

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Waste and Non Value Add in Software Development

In my series Customer Value Add I went over the list of wastes as identified in lean six sigma. I would now like to connect this to software development and identify where there can be best and how it can … Continue reading

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Strengths and You

We spend a lot of time focusing on things we are weak at. Growing up I was weak in biology and I got extra help for it. Later in school I didn’t like finance and spent all my time cramming for those tests. … Continue reading

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Strength Accelerator – The Greatest Value you bring to the team – Coming Soon

>I recently took the Strength Accelerator Test – its part of the new tool that Marcus Buckingham and his team is working on. Marcus Buckingham is the creator of the original strength finders assessment and has created several since then … Continue reading

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Fan – Marcus Buckingham

Yes I love the term Facebook uses. I mean really Fan I cannot find a better word for it. So here goes this section is for people, places, things that have inspired me over the years. And I am starting this … Continue reading

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